Timothy Fife is a electronic music film composer and musician from Portsmouth, New Hampshire.  He has composed nearly thirty films and has worked on films by Paul Schrader and Hercshell Gordon Lewis as well as with companies like Troma. 

He is also an artist on Death Waltz, Polytechnic Youth, Spun Out of Control, Pussy Foot, Midnight Vigil, and Burning Witches Records.  

Timothy’s style is both minimal and maximal and draws inspiration from the German Kosmische movement as well as synthesizer-based exploitation film scores. 

One reviewer stated; “a nifty slice of bliss bathed head shrooming dream machina kosmische which given the right settings and surroundings might well induce moments of astral gliding elation or at very worst a mild case of swirling eyeballs and temporary mild melting drama.”